Service Commitment

Our business does not exist or grow unless we deliver value for clients. While no two clients are ever seeking the same thing from us we are always seeking to deliver on our Service Commitment to every client. This commitment is built on four pillars:

We will be proactive
We will develop strong relationships at all levels of your business (executive, development, marketing) to ensure we have the fullest understanding possible of your business and where you are going. We will not wait for things to happen, we will make it happen.

We will be efficient
Our priority is delivering stunning results while reducing pressure on internal client resources. We will do this by understanding your business.

We will be honest
Some things are not possible. We will provide honest, open, experience-driven advice even when you don’t want to hear it.

We will be right
All material produced by RG Communications on behalf of clients will be of the highest standard. Attention to detail drives our internal processes and systems to ensure we get it right.