Greg Peake

Media & Content Specialist

Greg started at an early age, writing short fiction in high school with dreams of becoming a famous author (dreams that haven’t died!). Since then he embraced the communications world and has never looked back.

He studied journalism at the University of the Sunshine Coast, where he took every opportunity to build his portfolio and skills. During his studies Greg wrote for news websites, a national university blog and several sports clubs as their match reporter.

Greg’s experience so far has been varied and wide-reaching. He has worked for a range of different industries such as property and development, sport and health, the not-for-profit sector and local government. It’s given him a diverse spread of skills and industry-based knowledge and Greg considers himself fortunate to have sampled them so early in his career.

Within these sectors he’s delivered PR and marketing strategies, managed social media campaigns and has been responsible for putting together media releases, event promotion materials, and government and stakeholder correspondence.

There’s no greater pleasure for Greg than to see something he developed, particularly in writing, out in the world for everyone to see. He’s always eager to help people reach their goals with top-quality content and always keen to learn new skills.