Villain Designs

Villain Designs is the dedicated design studio of RG Communications. Villain approaches design at both a creative and business level, where market-oriented, practical, and above all, cost effective solutions are the priority.

Villain focuses on delivering high-quality design solutions across a variety of mediums with a particular focus on corporate branding. Being a part of the Crook Group means their relationship with their clients is based on a commitment to listening to their needs and providing timely solutions which enhance their brand while maintaining a full understanding of budgetary constraints.

Villain provides a comprehensive range of ongoing and project-based design services incorporating numerous traditional and new media channels. Villain’s designers pride themselves on being “problem solvers” with the ability to work as a rich creative hub, collaborating with our clients to find solutions to complex design and management issues.  Villain aims to instil clients with absolute confidence that their brand is THE highest priority. Clients invest considerable financial and human capital in building their brands and the Villain Studio recognises the responsibility given to them when those brands are entrusted to them.

Efficient project management and a fine eye for detail are at the heart of Villain Designs’ success. The Villain service offering includes:

Corporate Identity – Logos, Business Cards, Letterheads etc.
Branding – Brand Development, Style Guides, Visual Assets etc.
Print/Marketing – Brochures, Flyers, Annual Reports, Prospectus, Fact Sheets etc.
Advertising – Press Ads, TV Ads, Advertorials, Campaigns etc.
Online – Website Design, SEO and SEM, Screen Graphics, Web Ads etc.

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