Branded Content

In a digital world your content is your brand. It is the window to consumers’ understanding of who you are and what you do. If your content is a chore, if it’s out of control, it’s damaging your brand. RG Communications helps brands bring order and understanding to role of content and turn it into your greatest competitive advantage.

RG Communications offers a variety of content-based services. From developing whole-of-business content strategies to one-off pieces, we can help your business go to the next level.

Content Strategy

Developing an effective Content Strategy (CS) is the most effective way to bring your communications with stakeholders under one umbrella and ensure your messages are being delivered effectively, consistently and has a genuine focus on delivering results. RG Communications can undertake comprehensive content audits, develop content strategies, create engaging content and manage the ongoing governance of your content.

Web Content

Smart, engaging web content can be one your greatest business assets. In a market increasingly driven by mobile, digital and social platforms content is the most effective way to establish a connection with your customers. RG Communications provides access to a wide range of subject matter experts (SMEs) who can turn your content from a chore, into an effective sales tool.

content-strategy-graphicSocial Content

Social media platforms have emerged as one of the most important marketing tools for successful organisations. Engaging content underpins the success of every social media campaign. RG Communications can provide the content to ensure your social campaigns deliver.

Rich Media

From simple video to complex games, apps, animations and beyond, The Loose Network has access to some of the most creative and inspiring rich media producers in Australia. We take the leg work out of turning your ideas into reality with media that truly inspires consumers.

News Media

The evolving media landscape provides more opportunities than ever to enhance your brand and product awareness in the free media. A strong media presence is underpinned by the creation of highly-targeted and creative collateral which engages media gatekeepers.


Blogging is a top marketing strategy that sets you apart from your competition. Whether you want to add a blog to your business site or create your own niche blog website, success is driven by rich content. Turning your expertise into well written and professional blogs is one of our most important services.

Awards & Tenders & Proposals

Large, complex documents which require a comprehensive and cohesive content development strategy often lose their effectiveness when managed by internal resources without the necessary skills or experience. RG Communications specialises in quickly understanding your business, goals and the project at hand, identifying the resources required to complete the project and delivering a stunning finished product.