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Strong NZ Demand Drives simPRO Expansion To South Island

Image: simPRO Business Development Manager, James Agnew More companies in New Zealand will be able to streamline their businesses and increase profits with global job management software group simPRO expanding its presence to the South Island to cater for increased demand. simPRO first landed on New Zealand shores in 2010, setting up headquarters in Auckland. […]

How Strategic PR Content Drives Public Image

Developing positive content about an individual or organisation is only a small part of what defines Public Relations. Whether it be from the advice of a PR practitioner or the choices made by an organisation, much of the PR sphere involves responding strategically to any situation in order to maintain a favourable public image. Trust […]

Earning Media: How To Dance The Dance Of Publicity

The PR community talks constantly about the concept of earned media. It’s our bread and butter, and we are always ready with an explanation as to how it differs from marketing or advertising, otherwise known as ‘paid media’. Earned media is the result of strategic thinking to bring important news to the forefront. Information earns […]

A Toolbox For A Media Spokesperson – The ‘Must Have’ Essential Skills

The media spokesperson is one of the most important players in the media machine. Acting as as a journalist’s primary source, they are responsible for representing their organisation and its message to the world. To the untrained eye, a spokesperson’s job is simple: Attend interviews and press conferences and provide the media with information for their story. However, underneath […]

Profast Group Sale To Steelmasters

Profast Pty Ltd and Profast (WA) Pty Ltd have joined the Steelmasters Group of companies. The Steelmasters Group based in Auckland New Zealand, is a privately owned company that encompasses four Steelmasters branches in New Zealand and six Boltmasters branches in Australia. Profast Group Founder and former Managing Director Trevor Brown will be transitioning into […]

Don’t Bury The Lead! Why Structure Matters In Media Writing

The inverted pyramid of media writing is one of the most fundamental aspects of good media writing. Understanding the concept and applying it to almost all styles of writing will help you win friends and influence people. The pyramid approach is a style of story-telling that guides a writer to arrange their piece so the […]

A Few Things To Consider When Developing NFP Content

The not-for-profit (NFP) sector is a unique beast when it comes to communication. Their audience is broad, ranging from organisation members, volunteers, board members, media, politicians and policymakers. Not to mention the wider public in many cases. Their work is centred towards a cause, with no mind towards profit or personal gain. The content is […]

4 Simple Rules For Combining Text With Video

As a writer, of sorts, I hate it when people look me dead in the eye and proclaim, ‘the written word is dead’. When I hear it, it feels like all of my career choices up to this point have been nullified by those who prefer to absorb information in other ways, and believe communicating is a […]