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Three Simple Tools To Define Your Brand’s Voice

How you say something can be just as important as what you say. Developing a unique voice for your brand helps your customers understand what your brand is all about. If they like your voice they are more likely to build an affinity with your brand and feel comfortable with the underlying messages of your […]

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Content Marketing

It seems like everyone today says you need content marketing. But why? Content marketing has proven to be effective because it educates rather than pushes products or services. It allows consumers to engage and learn, making their own informed decisions through the different forms of content your create. When it comes to search rankings and having […]

Why Short And Sweet Web Content Always Wins

We live in a world that is constantly moving. Every day people are being bombarded with messages, whether they are advertisements on the local bus, text messages on their smart phones or the latest posts on their Instagram, Twitter or Facebook feeds. If you want to cut through the noise with your web content, your […]

AirAsia X Launches Gold Coast To Auckland Sales

AirAsia X has launched its service from the Gold Coast to Auckland, New Zealand and in turn will connect New Zealand to its vast network of over 100 destinations with the first flight to Auckland taking off on 22nd March, 2016. This new route for the popular low cost carrier goes on sale tomorrow morning […]

The Death of Journalism – As We Used To Know It

When I was studying journalism at university, we were taught to write all news stories with impartiality and objectivity. At the time, impartiality was viewed as the cornerstone of high quality, credible journalism. Our job was to deliver comprehensive coverage of news and current affairs without colouring the story with our own personal prejudices or […]

Building Your Brand’s Infinite Publicity Loop

In the late noughties people and businesses began to grasp the power of content and its ability to drive brand awareness, customer engagement and sales. The proliferation of mobile technology combined with the power of search engines and the reach of social media meant marketers had to fundamentally re-think everything they knew about engaging with their […]

Up Yours Fox Sports (Your Headline Is A Promise, Stop Breaking It)

Like many people, Facebook has become the largest non-direct way I access news. I ‘like’ just about every major Australian news organisation and then some. With so may options coming into my stream I rely heavily on headlines for selecting which stories I read. After many weeks of frustration this morning I gave Fox Sports Australia […]

Why Influencer Marketing Works

Just as the world has shifted to social media, consumers are now looking to fellow consumers and peers to inform them of what to buy and when. Essentially changing the balance of power between consumers and brands, peer voices now have a much more important role in purchasing decisions. Buyers now look to each other […]

3 PR Myths Debunked

With the proliferation of mass media in our lives, the public relations industry is steadily gaining prominence in the public eye. From newspaper articles and reality TV shows to online blogs and social media campaigns, PR professionals across the globe are responsible for shaping almost everything we see in the media every day. Therefore, it should not […]

The Fall And Rise Of Contentrepreneur Dan Norris

If you read LinkedIN enough you learn the most important trait of any successful entrepreneur is the ability to talk in gruesome detail about what an abysmal failure you were until you found ‘the secret’. Dan Norris is no exception. I first came across Dan at the recent Interactive Minds Digital Summit where he paced across the stage […]